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Advantages and disadvantages of two types of micro tillage cultivators
- Sep 04, 2017 -

Micro tillage machine with small diesel or gasoline engine to form, has the advantages of light weight, small volume, simple structure etc.. Micro tillage machine is widely used in the plains, mountains, hills of dry land, paddy fields, orchards and so on. Together with the appropriate equipment for power generation, pumping, spraying, spraying operations, can also pull trailers for short distance transportation, micro tillage machine can exercise freely in the fields, and is convenient for users to use and storage, eliminating the large agricultural machinery can not enter the field in trouble, is the best choice for the majority of farmers consumers instead of cattle farming. Direct drive -, micro farming machine: the general structure is between the engine and the gearbox directly connected by flange, moving through the form of wet friction clutch or cone friction clutch is passed directly to the gear box, the gear box and the box body to walk, the gear box is provided with a main shaft, a countershaft, reverse gear shaft, three shaft. By adjusting the spindle, reverse gear shaft of the double gear position, can achieve fast slow speeds and reverse gear, and then, through two sets of straight bevel gear reversing, reducer dynamic output form.

Micro tillage machine 1, model advantages: compact structure. Fast gear, slow gear and reverse gear speed parameter is more reasonable. The general use f178, F186 air-cooled diesel engine as the form, the form itself dynamic reliability. The weight of the whole machine is moderate - about 100 kilograms. The utility model has the advantages of good tillage effect, high operation efficiency and wide application range. The models currently on the market the most popular selling models, is widely accepted by users, if entering the market can save many promotional expenses. The model has more advantage in the hard, large plots, shallow water field, regional operation field blisters. 2, the lack of models if universal gasoline engine dynamic form, dynamic form is easy to damage, if the water-cooled diesel engine for the form, the weight on the transport difficulties. Therefore, this kind of model - like to choose the best f178 and F186 air-cooled diesel engine as the form of matching. The countershaft gear box, reverse gear shaft two shaft is cantilever structure, less rigid, gear form were damaged. Due to using two sets of straight bevel gear reducer to reversing, and use to overcome the axial bearing taper bevel gear of the form, so the chassis part of higher manufacturing costs.