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Applicable range of micro tillage tiller
- Oct 10, 2017 -

   Micro tillage tiller is to meet the needs of customers, the new product design and improvement of the reference model, micro farming machine manufacturers believe that the advantages of the product specific structure reasonable, superior performance, flexibility, good reliability, long service life, all kinds of farm work in the use of rotary tillage fertilizer plain, hilly and mountainous areas, not suitable for large stones block operation.

   Micro tillage tiller is composed of a power driven rotary host and auxiliary power, as the basic type of diesel engine, gasoline engine, the user can also other types of diesel engine according to the actual need of auxiliary power less than the specified value. The micro tillage machine has the advantages of simple and compact structure, light and flexible operation, light weight, reliable use, convenient maintenance and good passing property. Applicable scope: micro tillage tiller manufacturers can meet the majority of users to remind micro farming Pingba, hilly and mountainous areas, for rotary tillage operations in upland and paddy field, tea garden, orchard, flower and vegetable greenhouses and other small plots of the demand, can be selected according to different equipment for field operation production needs.