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Application of micro tillage tiller
- Nov 15, 2017 -

Micro tillage tiller is one of the main products of our company, we take the best products, the best service, the most reliable reputation, to help your career success, and then to explain what is the application of micro tillage tiller. Micro tillage tiller is suitable for weeding, fertilization and corn planting in wheat field. The enterprise is committed to the development of agricultural science and technology based on the idea of "serving the farmers and serving the farmers". 

The enterprise has strong technical strength, complete processing equipment, advanced manufacturing and assembly, perfect detection methods, reliable product quality. 1WG micro tillage tiller series, 3WG pastoral management machine series is the main product of the company, on the basis of the original company continues to develop and improve, truly the leader in the same industry. 

In solving the heavy physical strength of farmers at the same time, more suitable for greenhouses, vegetable fields, orchards, mountains, hills and other areas of various operations. Our company will abide by the principle of business reputation and equality and mutual benefit, and provide the best service for users, create more perfect works, and sincerely hope to cooperate with all walks of life to forge ahead and create prosperity together