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Application standard of garden management machine
- Nov 08, 2017 -

My company mainly engaged in pastoral management machine, the structure is clever, flexible and convenient operation, get the praise of users, the following look at the use of pastoral management machine specification. The rotary tillage tool is connected to the output shaft through the positioning screw. Replace the corresponding tool or work head, install safety protection cover. When the temperature is low, the machine is not easy to bad. Width adjustment can be used according to actual use. 

Many advanced technologies are applied in the design and manufacture, and the trailer can be used for short distance transportation. Strong adaptability, suitable for flat terrain, slope land, mountain, greenhouse and other terrain use. A micro reduction box is connected on the power device, and a transmission rod is connected on the micro reducer. 

It can be applied to field cotton and maize fertilization and sowing. For planting, cultivation, soil, fertilizing, ridging and other operations. In the tide of modern tools, furrowing machine manufacturers will Mou all out, "first-class products and first-class service to all customers.". With a high sense of social responsibility and sense of mission head in the economic tide, toward a glorious and resplendent tomorrow.