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Belt drive type of micro tillage machine
- Nov 22, 2017 -

Our company is a main micro tillage machine company, satisfactory products to our production and life have a lot of help, our company to create perfect products, bring a wonderfull life for our customers. The next Xiaobian for you to share the micro farming machine belt transmission models. Engine power transmission gear box through a belt, the clutch belt tension is the way to realize the power; the gearbox is an integral structure, the upper part of the lower speed, the power output part between the power output shaft part and the transmission part adopts chain transmission type machine. Advantages: 1, general with the general gasoline engine or small water diesel engine, light weight, convenient transportation, low manufacturing cost; 2; 3, due to the use of belt transmission, so it can reduce the impact force of the power mechanism, has certain protective effect on the models in the 4 engine; Greenhouses, dry land, paddy field, deep loose small field regional operation has many advantages, one of the best-selling models is currently the most popular on the market.