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Common mistakes when operate the cultivator
- Sep 07, 2017 -

1, micro tillage machine start clutch screw up. This kind of operation is easy to cause excessive wear and tear to the clutch assembly and its transmission parts, and it may cause the agricultural machinery flameout. Therefore, you should slow down and release the clutch pedal at the same time, and increase the throttle at the same time.

2 、 long pedal clutch pedal. On the uneven surface of the road, the clutch pedal on the foot will make the clutch in a semi detached state, which will aggravate the friction of the clutch. 

3, diesel micro tillage machine start or flameout before the detonation of the accelerator. The compression ratio of diesel vehicle is larger than that of gasoline vehicle. Suddenly, increasing or decreasing the throttle will cause the connecting rod and crankshaft to deform or break, increase the cylinder piston carbon and accelerate the wear of moving parts. 

4, standing in front of the micro tillage machine traction operations. Some agricultural hands in the use of micro tillage machine operation, used to someone in front of the micro tillage machine to go, it is very unsafe. In the face of the slope side, ridge edge or agricultural machinery hand operation error, very prone to agricultural machinery safety accidents. 

5, in the downhill space time sliding. Some agricultural machinery in the operation of micro tillage machine downhill feel neutral fast speed, so seriously violated the agricultural machinery safety operation standard.