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Conservation tillage challenges traditional farming methods
- Jul 11, 2017 -

Modern agricultural production methods, increased agricultural production, reducing the burden on farmers, but also to the original fertile black land "exhausted." The promotion and application of conservation tillage is now recognized by more and more farmers. 2014, the occasion of farming, Jilin Province, Hong Kong Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd. production of no-tillers have sold more than 2,400 units, the company from the development strategy to product development, surrounded by a core is to protect the arable land.

City Evening News Siping news horse early spring, all around the spring to come early. This season came to the Siping City in the circular economy park in Jilin Province Kangda Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd., to see is a busy work scene. "This time is the busiest time for the company, we are scheduled to visit our customers at the grassroots level and we will be able to talk to you for half an hour," said Yang Tiecheng, general manager of the company 's tooling company. Facing the interview with reporters, Yang Tie achievements such a limited time.

The original intention: can no longer destroy the valuable farmland

First, a hundred years ago, we Jilin land of the black soil can be about 1 meter, 100 years later, today's black soil layer can only be in the average 30-40 cm. How is this caused? The answer is that farming practices, farmers are accustomed to clean up the land as clean as possible, the soil surface of a large number of organic matter loss, soil structure changes, land desertification, desertification, The land of the peasants' survival is gone, and what kind of crops are used to do it! Fortunately, our country is aware of this problem very early, and the country is unanimously advocating the implementation of conservation tillage, but the lack of suitable equipment. Straw scattered in the case of the epidermis, the machine can pass, the crops on the species, but also to increase the organic matter, fertility, soil structure improved, the crops can grow lush, the future of agriculture is more promising. Say.

R & D: A revolution in farming

"At that time foreign countries have a mature conservation tillage machine products, not only more expensive, and because of different agricultural production mode, foreign production of large-scale equipment is not suitable for our one piece of planting." Industrial cadres Yang Tiecheng keen awareness In 2007, the company began to develop a series of conservation tillage machines. In the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Shenyang Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Jilin Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Agricultural University, and other relevant professional institutions and experts with the strong support of the first generation of no-tillage planers in 2009 the first successful development and market in 2010 The Since then, no technical transformation, the current market is already the product of the 4th generation of equipment, product performance is mature and stable, suitable for China's vast agricultural areas north of the Yangtze River no-tillage planers, no land, not stubble, do not fight Ridge ... ... the use of new no-tiller sowing, so that the majority of farmers first experience "lazy farming" easy, it is also known as the modern farming approach on a revolution.

Efficient: technology farming for farmers more "money" King

"If you do not use the tillage machine before planting it, it is like the father of the same ridge, ridge Taiwan chanting every year when the spring is particularly tired, land preparation, stubble, playing ridge, the traditional planting process is complex and time-consuming, labor, effort, cost More and more high. Now well, this no tiller opened, the machine can go through the seeds, fertilizer according to the requirements down to the ground. Seed control accuracy of more than 95% of a single species, Width and width are controllable depth, but also according to the changes in soil structure at any time to adjust the depth of sowing, like some of the land dry some, on the deep species; wet soil layer on the shallow species, so that the situation to ensure that the ground Because of this kind of sowing method does not have a large area of the land to flip, to ensure that the soil moisture, soil moisture is good, the plant after the root system is strong, lodging resistance is also strong.Most importantly, the traditional way of planting, To 1,100 yuan to 1,300 yuan, and the use of no-tiller in addition to the need to pay nearly 200 yuan of oil and labor costs, the other no longer needed. Straw return to the land to increase the organic matter, left for the children and grandchildren The drought is good to save the water resources, to protect the environment; put less income, which is the reason we choose to use the conservation tillage machine. "Speaking of tillage machines to bring their own" money " King, pear tree town pear town high village farmer Tang Dafen surging endlessly.

Development: Technology promotion has always been the industry leader

From the trial production with an annual output of dozens of tillage machines, to the current annual output of thousands of units, Jilin Province, Hong Kong Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd. is still on the product of the technological transformation and upgrading. Through cooperation with internationally renowned enterprises, the product has reached the export level, among the international advanced ranks is the future development goals of enterprises. With the application of products in the actual production, more and more farmers see the benefits of the use of the product in the domestic demand every year in multiple increments, 2014 production of 3500 no-tillage machinery, as of early April Sold more than 2,400 units, the output value reached 1.5 to 180 million yuan, has exceeded the 2013 annual sales revenue, the product occupies 80% of the domestic market share of sales. "Last year accounted for 90% of the market, but because of counterfeit products into the market, sales have been some impact." Company sales manager Miaoquan said. In response to this situation, the company through continuous technological transformation, and always ensure that the industry's leading level, and strictly control the core technology. Through the scale of production continue to none other to the farmers, while strengthening the enterprise-specific after-sales service to ensure that the annual product technology to enhance the same time, will be sold last year, the equipment at the same time technical upgrading, the annual spring after the company will send technical staff door to door On the sale of equipment for technical maintenance, to guide farmers how to use, one does not fall. This unique way to make the farmers with the heart with ease, but also for the company to establish a solid consumer group.