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Correct operation method of micro cultivator
- Nov 17, 2017 -

The company mainly engaged in micro tillage machines and other related machinery products, micro tillage machine as a small agricultural machinery, easy to use, but also reasonable operation in order to better play its role, and today talk about the correct operation of micro tillage machine. 

1, long time overload operation. Micro tillage machine in paddy field and hard field work, found the black smoke, must promptly downshift. 

2, found abnormal sound in a timely manner to downtime. The drum fault can not be restarted. 

3, frequently adjust the gap. 

4, starting method is not correct, easy to damage the boot plate. To start in strict accordance with the requirements of the instructions. 

5, turn up the handrail, using power blade turning power, easily broken blade. 

6, long time warped, easy to make the engine lubrication.