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Development trend of structural adjustment of farm machinery products in China
- Jul 11, 2017 -

After decades of development, the farming machinery industry in our country has a certain scale and economic strength, and the varieties and quantities of products have basically met the needs of the current agricultural production. However, we should also see that there are still some problems in the farming machinery industry in China, such as irrational industrial structure, irrational product structure and low technical level of products. The arrival of the new century, especially China's accession to the WTO will, will bring opportunities and challenges to the development of farming machinery industry, we must increase the product structure adjustment efforts, carry out technological innovation, promote the overall level of farming machinery industry to improve, so that the industry to a new stage.

At present, China's farming machinery products have the following characteristics.

1. large, medium-sized and small machinery coexist, small machinery dominant

With the change of agricultural production system in our country, the status of large and medium-sized agricultural machinery and small agricultural machinery products has also changed. At the end of the 70s, large and medium-sized tractors and ancillary farm machines reached peak. After that, production declined sharply due to changes in market demand. In 90s, the output of large and medium-sized farm machinery picked up gradually, reaching another high point in 1996. The output and quantity of small machines have also increased year by year. At present, micro tillage machine, paddy cultivator, supporting farm tractor, and below four 18.4kW wheel tractor ploughing, rotary machine, seeder and other small tillage, paddy field in the mountainous area, and northern farmers farming machinery, plays an important role.

In the 2. batch of products put into production, the traditional models still dominate

Our country has been engaged in tractors and tractors for more than 40 years. Although has developed some new equipment, but so far, plow, harrow, rotary tiller, seeding machine and other products still dominate. According to preliminary statistics, the output of these products accounts for more than 80% of the output of tillage implements. In the catalogue of more than 500 kinds of tillage machines collected by the tillage and planting machinery branch of the China Agricultural Machinery Industry Association, the above 4 types of products account for more than 70%. Series of products of ploughing, rotary tiller, grain sowing machine developed in 70s, has become the main models. Some of the new product development in 80s, such as hydraulic reversible plough, subsoiler, wide hydraulic rake, new series rotary tiller, new grain sowing machine, seeder, tillage combined machine, tillage sowing combined machine, has formed a certain scale, played an important role in agricultural production.

3., the joint operation machinery developed rapidly

Integrated machine with grab farming, reduce energy consumption and reduce the machine repeatedly caused by harmful compaction etc., during a recent period of rapid development. The integrated machine driven working parts, the rotary knife roller is the main working parts can be combined to achieve operation rotary tillage, stubble, ridging, sowing etc. more than two kinds of projects. Products are subsoiling rotary cultivator, loosening ridging machine, stubble ridger, stubble rotary tiller, broken soil preparation machine and rotary tillage sowing machine etc.. Most products are equipped with tractors above 36.8kW. In the early 80s, traction combined soil preparation machine matched with high-power wheeled tractors was developed in china. The recent domestic research and production of the traction matching with 88.3kW crawler tractor combined tilling machine, which adopts disc harrow and star harrow piece, shallow shovel and other parts.

4. adapt to the development of agricultural technology and develop new products

In the early 80s, deep tillage machine for rod and gear parts was developed for popularization of low tillage and subsoiling tillage system in northern China, and it was used in some areas. In 90s, suitable for dry farming, water-saving farming, the need for the development of a full range of subsoiling machine, and formed a series of products. Among them, the products which are matched with 58.8kW crawler tractors can be popularized in some provinces and districts. In order to meet the needs of the development of no tillage, no tillage pneumatic precision seeder and small planter (stubble seeder); in order to meet the needs of the development of cotton planting film, film laying seeder; to adapt to the need of precision, small grain seeding, the development of the fine, small grain seeding machine and row crops precision seeding machine; in order to meet the needs of straw tillage, the development of large space, high Lizhu plow. Because of the urgent demand of agricultural production for straw and stubble grinding and returning to the fields, straw crushing and returning machine and stubble crushing machine have become one of the fastest spreading agricultural machinery products in recent years. In addition to the straw crushing and returning machine and the stubble crushing and returning machine, a new product of straw and stubble grinding and returning machine has been developed. In addition, to meet the plastic greenhouse, greenhouse tillage job needs of small-scale power and machinery, but also become one of the hot products of development and production.