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Film mulching field management cultivator function
- Nov 02, 2017 -

    Equipment field management cultivator has many kinds, is dedicated to the orchard, vegetable field, greenhouse, and hilly slope plots (water, dry) agricultural products and design work. The following is to introduce the function of film mulching field management cultivator. Pastoral management can be equipped with film mulching cultivator, mainly composed of ridging system and laminating system composed of soil adaptability, convenient operation, reliable performance, easy adjustment and maintenance, compact and lightweight, single operation, can complete the entire ridge, ridging, film, film, Archiland pressure and many other operations and fundamentally solve the waste of manpower and material resources, high work efficiency, and the artificial ridge ratio, can improve the efficiency of 20. 

    The effect of coating times, according to the requirements of users can adjust the height and width of the adjustable width of 40-120 cm, 15-50 cm in height is adjustable, high ridge of land, particle distribution, film width can be adjusted according to user requirements size, film speed, soil pressure on both sides of fruit, after the completion of the ridge, ridge straight, smooth flow, to ensure that the film is not damaged, after coating can effectively control the air inside and outside the membrane effect, make the best crop growth environment. Is the necessary agricultural field corn and corn at the implementation of ridge furrow membrane cultivation technology. The above is about the film mulching pastoral management functions, thanks to new and old customers for the products of the company's trust and love. We will carry forward the future, with high quality products, preferential prices and good faith service and your mutual benefit and win-win, create brilliance! The company all staff sincerely welcome you to visit the guidance!