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Furrowing cultivator before use should pay attention to what
- Sep 08, 2017 -

Furrowing cultivator is a kind of medium power of agricultural machinery, in the full Party farmers slash-and-burn cultivation at the same time, also brought a series of problems, according to the report every year the operator due to improper use sluggish car crash phenomenon.

Furrowing machine to fully play its role, must pay attention to the following points:

1 new micro farming machine after the repurchase, we must first clean up residual oil engine and transmission, residual oil is plant commissioning products used in oil, the oil is repeatedly used oil, very clean, containing large amounts of water, sediment and debris, long-term use can cause rapid equipment damage, even

2 before the engine starts, it must be driven back and forth in the ground, mastering the gear and clutch skills, especially the functions and functions of the clutch. The role of the clutch is as important as that of a high speed car clutch

3, emergency occurs, first of all to activate the clutch, cut off the power supply, and then deal with related issues. A lot of casualties occurred in the accident, when the machine was not working properly, the clutch did not cut off, the power continued to supply, so that casualties should not happen.

Before being familiar with the performance and operation of the machine, the blind use of the knife is likely to cause serious mechanical accidents or personal injuries.