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Future development direction of micro tillage machine
- Nov 28, 2017 -

Our company's main farm machinery and other related agricultural machinery. With the gradual mechanization of agricultural operation projects, the demand for micro tillage machine will also be higher and higher. Today we will talk about the future development direction of micro tillage machine. Currently produces micro farming machine of many manufacturers, but at this stage the total market is not large, due to the manufacturer, according to the models, we lack of coordination, so the "three" level is very low. 

Low noise, less emission, strong power and adaptability will be used more. In order to reduce the operator's labor intensity and save time to replace the farm machinery, the articulated device of the micro tillage machine and the matching machine is connected with the quick hanging device. The replacement of the farm implements is simple and fast, so that users can receive better. At present, farmers buy micro tillage machine mainly as a means of income generation, and not only a tool to reduce the intensity of labor. Above is today, if you are interested in our products, welcome to call us, we sincerely look forward to your choice of products. 

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