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How does the farm management cultivator use the oil?
- Sep 16, 2017 -

Oil field management machine cultivator, engine machining field management machine is very precise, oil demand is very high also, must be qualified to use the canned diesel oil, diesel oil using CC30 in autumn and winter, spring and summer use of CC40 diesel engine oil, and in strict accordance with the working time for replacement, the replacement of oil field in garden management machine work 15-20 hours second, time is 50 hours of work, the third time is 100-150 hours. Gearbox must also use diesel engine oil, not with gear oil. Because of pastoral management belongs to light machinery, light load oil must use low concentration, and clutch pastoral management are the 125 type motorcycle clutch, and motorcycle lubricating oil as we all know, oil, the concentration is very low. If a high concentration of gear oil is used, then the clutch friction plate may be stuck and the clutch can not be separated. There are chain transmission, gearbox steering is the use of spring will turn the dial back, and if the oil is too strong, after separation, the steering dial can not be homing, resulting in the steering side of the power loss. In addition, the field management machine fuel is also important, fuel must use the Sinopec qualified No. 0 and -10 diesel. Because, this engine oil circuit components are very precise, very expensive, with good, can use a few years, use bad, may be half a day.