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How to adjust the cultivators' parts after using
- Sep 23, 2017 -

    After the operation of the micro tillage machine, the necessary fastening and component adjustment should be carried out in time. After a period of time, the gap between some parts of the micro tillage machine will be increased, and the users must make necessary adjustments. Part micro tillage machine, clutch, throttle and steering reverse is through the operation of the cable, and cable and easily deformed elongate, so to adjust by adjusting screw. There is a gear box and two axis, two pairs of conical gear used for a period of time, will have a certain gap, one axis, two axis through the tight end screw adjustment, two conical gears to adjust by adding steel gasket. During use, to make the necessary fastening every day. But pay special attention to the engine screw, do not easily go tight it, mainly those directly on the aluminum alloy housing screws.