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How to adjust the rotation degree of micro cultivator?
- Sep 12, 2017 -

The safe use of micro tillage machine is an important link to ensure the safety of each operator of micro tillage machine, and must arouse the attention of each operator. Many people in the use of micro tillage machine accident occurred, mostly because of improper use or no attention to safety and formed. So, the operator in the use of the machine, must carefully read the instructions for micro tillage machine, bear in mind the "instruction" and "safety regulations", must be approved by no less than four hours of operation practice work. Detailed should also pay attention to the following points:

1,Because of fatigue, illness or excessive drinking and other reasons to stop the operation of the machine.

2,Should wear appropriate work clothes and hats, and pay attention to clothes, hair, towels, etc., can not be involved in the machine. Every time you finish your homework, you should check and maintain the parts so that the next operation will stop smoothly.

3,The staff should pay attention to foot posture, should strive for stability, and must ensure that the operator to control the system of ability.

4,As far as possible in the smooth central loading and unloading machine tools, loading and unloading, must cause the machine to stop running.

5,Overhaul, adjust and sweep the grass, should first stop the machine, and then stop disposal.

6,When the fuel is added, the engine must be stopped and the ignition is strictly prohibited.

7,Homework, don't let homework irrelevant people into the machine, pay special attention to don't let children close.

8,The operation should pay attention to the machine around to ensure safety. Especially the operation in the trees, because the central stenosis, the ground and a lot of long grass, so once what is very difficult to find, this requests the operator before operation, should carefully check whether there are around the wire, stones, remove obstacles before operation. At the same time should pay attention to, choose "back" gear, must be small throttle from the car, sure enough space behind, without obstacles, can work.

9,Micro tillage machine in greenhouse, greenhouse operation, or in the indoor maintenance work, whether gasoline or diesel engine, the exhaust exhaust easily trapped, should pay attention to ventilation.

10,The temperature of the muffler is very high, so it is strictly forbidden to touch by hand. The machine cover cover, etc. should be complete after the local high temperature cooling silencer stop.