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How to choose the micro cultivator, some note
- Sep 23, 2017 -

    Look at the chassis drive of the micro tillage machine. At present, there are two kinds of transmission ways on the market, one is full shaft and all gear drive, and the other is belt drive. The axis of gear drive micro tillage machine is suitable for soil resistance, farm field compaction area. Two, look at the micro tillage machine matching power.

    The speed of the diesel engine is lower than that of the gasoline engine, and the endurance and the high temperature resistance are stronger. Air-cooled diesel engines are lighter than water-cooled diesel engines. Lubrication, cooling, high temperature resistance, low reliability. Three, look at the functions of micro tillage machine.

    The micro tillage machine mainly considers field tillage and other functions, such as transportation, trenching, paving, pumping, power generation, etc.. The user can choose according to the effect and the need. Four, look after service. Qualified machinery manufacturers should sign the after-sales service agreement, strictly implement the "Three Guarantees liability for agricultural machinery products", there are specific service personnel, high credibility products, spare parts supply complete, congruent. Five, look at the geographical conditions.

    It is suggested that the friends in the mountains and hills should choose the driving gear for the air-cooled diesel engine. Because of its small size, light weight and easy transfer. Six look at the use of time. If the purchase is not only micro farming foreign service, cultivate your own field, use a short time. High temperature resistant, economical and easy to transfer air cooling micro tillage machine can be selected. For external service, the water cooled micro cultivator with high reliability and high temperature resistance can be selected.

    Seven, look at your own economic conditions. Should try to choose good quality, good reputation. Eight, to see their own technical ability. The operation of micro tillage machine is simple, but the problem of repair should be considered. The gasoline engine is more complex than the diesel engine, and the repair is complicated. The air-cooled diesel engine is simpler and easier to repair than the water-cooled diesel engine.