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How to maintain the rortary cultivator?
- Oct 13, 2017 -

   Prevention is better than treatment, keep in repair is the use and maintenance of the principle of rotary cultivator. The machine maintenance is divided into class maintenance and quarterly maintenance, under normal circumstances, each class should be carried out after class maintenance, maintenance includes:

1. Check fastening bolts. 

2. Check the bolt pin parts have no defect, replace if necessary.

3. Check the transmission box, ten bytes and bearings are lack of oil, if necessary, immediately supplement. Quarterly maintenance should be carried out after the completion of each quarter, including: 

1) Completely remove the dirt, oil and dirt on the machine. 

2) Thoroughly replace the lubricating oil and grease. 

3) Inspect the blade for excessive wear and replace it if necessary. 

4) Check the hood, slide or deformation, restored to its original shape or change. 

5) Comprehensive inspection of the appearance of the machine, paint brush, machete, spline shaft oiling, rust prevention. 

6) A long time, rotary supporting wheel tractor should be placed in the ground level, may be suspended on a tractor.

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