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How to make reverse gear for micro tillage tiller
- Nov 03, 2017 -

Micro tillage machine with small diesel engine or gasoline engine as the driving force, with light weight, small size, simple structure and so on. Micro tillage machine is widely used in plain and mountain areas and hilly dry land, paddy field, orchard etc.. Micro tillage machine when need to hang reverse, need to follow the order to do it. The reverse gear of the tiller requires the following steps:

1. Separate the clutch, clutch the clutch handle with the left hand, and separate the clutch. 

2, push the shift lever, with the right hand to push the shift lever in the neutral position. 

3, release the clutch, release the clutch slowly. 

4, hold the clutch, the clutch slowly to the left. 

5, the hand handle, right hand reverse. 

Micro tillage machine together with the appropriate equipment for power generation, pumping, spraying, spray and other operations, can also pull trailers for short distance transportation, micro tillage machine can exercise freely in the fields, and is convenient for users to use and storage, eliminating the large agricultural machinery can not enter the field in trouble, is the best choice for the majority of farmers consumers instead of cattle farming the.