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How to properly maintain the furrowing cultivator tiller
- Sep 11, 2017 -

Buy furrowing machine farmer friend, must have the correct method of operation in use, and the need to do daily maintenance work. Technical personnel should remind farmers to pay attention from below:

1.A new machine, running without running, directly put into use will shorten the life of furrowing machine. The initial 20 hour is the engine running in period, and the operator must follow the following: 5 minutes of engine operation after the initial start. Keep the low speed load before the engine is warm. Do not run at high speed or full load or at low speed without load. Avoid over load operation. The engine can not run at full load during running and running, and can be run at 3000 revolutions per minute and about 50% of the load.

2.Daily maintenance

Check before each use, check the bolts of various parts, the nuts are loose and the amount of lubricating oil, at the same time, regular maintenance and maintenance. Engine oil for the first 20 hours, then replaced every 100 hours. Drive gear oil replacement for the first 50 hours, then change every 200 hours. The fuel filter is cleaned every 500 hours and replaced 1000 hours. Clean the air filter every day.

3.Furrowing machine long-term parking precautions

The engine runs at a low speed for 5 minutes. After the engine is stopped, the oil is removed and the new oil is added. Remove the fuel bolts on the engine cylinder cover and fill 1-2. Two oil. Put the gear in neutral, press the engine pressure relief handle and pull the recoil starting rope 2-3 times. Then return the pressure relief handle back to the compression position and pull it slowly against Okinawa until you feel the pressure. Tools should be washed, dried, parked, dry noise and safe position. product