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How to remedy the small trouble in the garden management machine cultivator?
- Sep 16, 2017 -

First, rural management machines, field work, the tire was pierced, how should I do? If the air leak was not serious, the field management machine will slowly open the field, and then pull out the thorns to repair.

Two, rural management machine tires slow brake gas, how should I do? The air core can be pulled out, the air in the inner tube is taken out, a piece of hard paper is made into a funnel shape, the small head is inserted into the valve mouth, and a small amount of talcum powder is injected into the inner tube according to the size of the tyre. When it does not fit in, it is advisable to lower the funnel, turn the tire, and continue filling until the talc powder has been filled. Then fit the valve core and fill it with gas. When the gas is inflated, talc will disperse in the tire, slow brake gas pores will be blocked.

Three, rural management machine tire valve on the plastic cover lost, how to do? You can cut a soft plastic tube, one end of the soft crush roasted, the other end is sheathed on the valve can be.

Four, rural management machine tank leak, how to do? If the tank leak, the leak wiped clean, with soap or bubble gum on the leak, can reduce leakage, such as epoxy resin glue and other adhesives when plugging, the effect is better. Sometimes because there is a small crack, the parts into the kerosene, over a period of time out, wipe the surface and sprinkle a layer of white powder, and then gently tap the parts with a small hammer, if there are cracks due to hammer vibration, which has immersed in the cracks from the crack in kerosene leakage crack is displayed in white on. Ten