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How to repair multi-functional micro tillage machine?
- Sep 09, 2017 -

Micro tillage machine repair: micro tillage machine this machine looks complicated, most people are afraid to repair, is actually a paper tiger. How to do a good job in the repair of this micro tillage machine, we only need to pay attention to the following principles, you can repair your own:

1.site and machine cleaning. Micro tillage machine work environment is more soil, so when the micro tillage machine failure, we must choose a clean site, the machine clean and repair, otherwise, a small component may lose time, when wrong.

2.the tools and preparation of disassembly and micro tillage machine. This machine has many places must use special tools to disassemble, otherwise it is easy to damage, never force the disassembly. So choose the right tools and be ready. Shore grape vine burying machine, Ji'nan weed harvester

3.micro tillage machine disassembly principle: first assembly, after the pieces, placed in order. At the same time attention should be paid to mark and gap, direction and screw back, and when necessary, you can use a pen to mark or record. Jiangyong County scallion harvesting machine

4.Analyze the causes of the failure of the micro tillage machine. All the faults must have a cause. It is necessary to find out the cause and cure the root. Otherwise, it could cause greater losses.

5.assembly. Clean all the parts and assemble them in reverse order. The last one is not much.