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How to select a suitable micro tillage machine
- Jul 11, 2017 -

Some people want to buy micro tillage machine, but in the choice of a problem, I do not know what the configuration, there are two main types of micro tillage machine, one is diesel micro tillage machine, there is a gasoline micro tillage machine.

Diesel micro tillage machine horsepower, gasoline micro tillage machine speed is high, you can say that two kinds of micro tillage machine is different. The price of diesel micro tillage machine micro tillage machine price than the price of gasoline is high, because the structure of micro tillage machine manufacturing of diesel and gasoline tiller differences, gasoline tiller is usually used Aluminum Alloy material, diesel micro tillage machine is generally cast iron, so diesel micro tillage machine than gasoline micro tillage machine is slightly higher than gasoline, the weight is relatively heavy micro tillage machine. In addition, the diesel micro tillage machine has the advantages of high work intensity and long continuous operation time, and is suitable for the hard soil area; the gasoline micro cultivator is suitable for the areas with high requirements, such as orchards, vegetable greenhouses, etc..

Therefore, in the selection of micro tillage machine, must be selected according to the use of the situation, we must not just look at the configuration of blind choice.

The use of micro tillage machines has entered thousands of households, but in order to prevent some people from improper use, so we should specifically introduce the micro tillage machine operating methods.

1. the engine should be idling for three minutes at low speed without load until the speed is normal before starting work;

I hung 2. stalls, left hand to help the clutch handle, the clutch, the transmission lever right hand to pull back, until entering the stalls, left to slowly release the clutch handle, the clutch, the right thumb push the throttle handle, with large amount of gas, micro farming machine according to 1 file work.

3. hang the second gear, and its method is the same as the hang of the first gear.

4. reverse, left hand to clutch handle, so that the clutch, the right hand will shift operating lever to neutral position, with the right hand hold the handrail on the right side of the reverse hand, then the right hand can not relax, slowly release the clutch to the left, then the right hand thumb light throttle handle, increase the amount of gas, micro farming machine according to the reverse work. When not using the reverse, put on a low speed engine throttle position, and then the left hand clutching the clutch handle, then loosen the right hand reverse hand, put into reverse gear locking the locking position, determine the reverse gear separation is correct, then slowly release the clutch handle.

5. micro tillage machine shift, you should first reduce the transmitter throttle, and then to separate the clutch, when the machine stops moving, and then shift.

6. micro tillage machine steering, with both hands firmly grasp the handrail, left or right can turn, and the other thing to pay attention to is not to scratch the reverse gear, the handle to prevent the broken gear.