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How to use a micro cultivator correctly and safely
- Sep 06, 2017 -

With the purchase of state subsidies increased investment, farmers use more and more micro tillage machines, each of the micro tillage machines are correct and safe use, related to the safety and happiness of every organic household. Therefore, to correct and safe use of good micro tillage machine, every machine hand must keep in mind the following "thirteen": first, the operator must participate in the training of Safety Technology Department of agricultural machinery manufacturers or organization, mastering skills, familiar with the knowledge of safe operation. Two, operators in the operation before, must carefully read the instructions of the use of machinery and equipment, must according to technical requirements for agricultural machinery running in maintenance. Three, check the machine before the operation of the fasteners are fastened, remember to tighten the screws (including walking box, pressure box part, the engine support part, the engine muffler, air filter, etc.). Four, the head, body in a horizontal position, check whether to add sufficient oil, gear oil, can not be added, nor less; check whether there is oil leakage (oil, diesel, gear oil) phenomenon, you can use. Also remember that the fuel tank cannot be filled with gasoline and 0# diesel must be added. Five, when the engine starts, you must put the gear lever in neutral position, check the operation site, confirm the front and rear left and right sides, ensure that the operation is safe and can be started, so as not to hurt people. In winter, when the engine is not working well, boil the kettle, boil water, or stick to the combustion chamber. 0.5 - 1 ml of oil can start normally. Six, the operation process is strictly prohibited from fatigue or drunken operation of micro tillage machine. Do not clutch clutch during the middle shift or remove the tool holder. Make sure the clutch is in neutral and the flame is switched off. New machines are not allowed to load heavily, and the fields should be shifted to change tires. Seven, no too much homework in the field of mountain slope, the slope in operation should be to prevent the dumping of injuries of micro tillage machine. Mobile field or goukan, the machine must be stalled, with human movement, the replacement of rotary cutting tools, the machine must be off, cut off the power. Eight, micro tillage machine installed in the knife rack, not in cement road, stone on the ground to walk, in the work should try to avoid and big stones and other hard object collision, lest damage blade. When the engine or running case and the pressure box are abnormal, the engine should be checked and checked before troubleshooting. Nine, the operator in the operation if back to the threshold of less than 1 meters, the prohibition of the use of reverse. When moving back, you must lower the throttle, control the clutch and make sure there is enough space behind it and start slowly to prevent the machine from hurting people. Ten, micro tillage machine operation, please do not transfer the micro tillage machine to those who are not familiar with the operation of the micro tillage machine, so as to avoid a safety accident and cause irreparable damage. Eleven, in the fuel supply, the engine must be extinguished, the scene is strictly prohibited fireworks, to prevent fire. Twelve, the new engine in the normal operation of 20 acres of land, the engine must change the oil and gear oil cooler, otherwise cannot discharge residual oil in the body; 80 - 100 after the replacement of second acres; continuous operation 3 - 5 days to clean air filter, 400 - 700 Mu after oil pump, oil nozzle check the pressure, check valve clearance adjustment, if necessary, replace the piston ring valve and connecting rod. Thirteen, after the completion of each operation, should pay attention to clear the micro cultivator of the soil, weed, oil and other attachments, and check fastening bolts fastening the pull rope to start, intake and exhaust valve in the closed state, and find the film or other cover, to prevent the sun and rain rust.