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How to Choose Between a Tiller and a Cultivator
- Aug 31, 2017 -

Differences Between Tillers and Cultivators

cultivator is primarily used to mix loose soil, while a garden tiller can break up hard pieces of ground. As such, a cultivator is unlikely to work if you are creating a new garden plot because its tines are not heavy-duty enough to loosen hard soil. That doesn't mean you should use a garden tiller to do the work of a cultivator though, as a tiller is likely to loosen more dirt than you anticipated. As a result, your soil mixture may not be exactly what you had imagined.

Cultivator Uses

A cultivator could be ideal if you:

  • Wish to mix potting and regular soil together

  • Want to work fertilizer, manure or compost into your soil mixture

  • Need to break up small weeds and grasses to prevent them from taking over your garden

Tiller Uses

A garden tiller would be a better choice if you:

  • Need to break up hard ground

  • Have rocky soil that needs to be loosened

  • Want to install a new garden plot

Garden tillers and cultivators are two distinct pieces of equipment that have their own distinct functions. Knowing the difference will help you choose the right piece of equipment and ensure you have the best garden possible.