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Identification of micro tillage cultivator in Greenhouse
- Sep 07, 2017 -

Micro tillage machines generally have ditching, sowing, fertilization, plant protection and other functions, the general price of 2000-5000 yuan between. At present, greenhouses are widely used in our country, and more and more farmers begin to use micro tillers in greenhouses. Due to the limited space in the greenhouse, the purchase and use should be paid attention to. In the selection of greenhouse with micro tillage machine, the first choice of flexible operation of the micro tillage machine, so that agricultural machinery in the greenhouse to run. At present, there are two kinds of micro tillage machines, direct transmission and belt transmission, which are available in our country. The direct type micro tillage machine general weight of 100 kg, with general gasoline powered, tillage effect is good, fast and slow gear and reverse gear function, in effect hard, large plots, shallow water field, farmland and regional blisters. The belt drive micro tillage machine light weight, convenient operation, in general, the general gasoline engine and small water-cooled diesel engine, suitable for use in greenhouses, dry land, paddy field, deep loose small field area. Therefore, farmers should select belt driving micro tillage machines to select special micro tillage machines for greenhouses. In the use of micro tillage machine in the greenhouse, first of all, farmers need to master the skills and safety operation knowledge of agricultural machinery. Before the plough is used, the agricultural machinery should be carefully checked for safe operation, such as fuel, oil conditions, integrity and tightness of the components. Ready to do a good job after operation in agricultural greenhouse farmers, do not mess Guadang, hindering agricultural operation; backward movement, need to hang low, small step throttle, to ensure its own behind enough mobile space, ensuring that the spacing between the rotary blade and the legs of the machine, so as to avoid the occurrence of injury events.