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Influence of fuel quality on maintenance of micro tillage tiller
- Oct 19, 2017 -

   We are an enterprise specializing in micro tillage tiller. It is a business philosophy to talk about civilization and honesty. We take the first-class product quality to win the customer satisfaction as our product view. Today, we describes the impact of fuel quality on the maintenance of micro tillage tiller.

    Micro tillage tiller maintenance should pay attention to the quality of the fuel, the fuel quality is poor, not only makes the machine power is not enough, but also accelerated the wear of pump and the core sleeve; the lubricating oil will directly affect the micro farming tiller startup performance and service life, do not be careless. We are often asked to use the old customer micro farming tiller, users reflect he bought our micro tillage machine has been used very well, because there is a lack of operation of lubricating oil, plus a renewable oil, the tiller performance declined, finally after overhaul to solve the problem. 


    So we must pay attention to the effect of fuel quality on the maintenance of micro tillage tiller. The above is the impact of fuel quality on the micro tillage tiller maintenance, and hope to be helpful to everyone. Your trust is the affirmation of our work, we will continue to serve our customers wholeheartedly, the quality and service to do better.