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Maintenance of garden management tiller
- Nov 17, 2017 -

My company's main pastoral management and other products, the company in good faith, by the trust of customers, today to talk about pastoral management maintenance. 

1. new machines or overhaul after the pastoral management, should run according to the instructions on the requirements of the test run, check carefully before commissioning operations can be performed before the start of                                                                                                         2., check the engine in the gearbox, lubricating oil is in normal oil level on the dipstick line between the lack of add, and check whether there is leakage phenomenon.                                                                                    3. after the start, listen and observe all parts have no abnormal sound                                                                                  4. check clutch, shift system, steering mechanism is working 4. management machine to be stored for a long time, should be cleared of dust machine appearance these are small as pastoral management introduce maintenance, hope this knowledge to help you if you can. Do you have any problems, welcome to our company to negotiate.