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Matters needing attention in micro tillage tiller operation
- Oct 23, 2017 -

   My company's main micro tillage machine, micro tillage machine as a small agricultural machinery, easy to use, but also reasonable operation in order to better play its role, today on the micro tillage machine operation notes. Micro tillage machine at work, because each parts of friction vibration, oil, mud and water invasion, to wear parts inevitably; loose connections, corrosion and aging. 

    Must strictly implement the "prevention before cure, keep in repair maintenance system. Some hands see the air cooler temperature higher, worried about damage to the machine, with water to help cool down. Is actually very wrong, sudden cooling water, the cylinder suddenly shrink, easily broken ring, cylinder, cylinder and even rupture. 

    Improper use of sealant for engine bias pad. Partial cover pad using the sealant, the excess glue easily into the gear box, because of long time working and suction pump, it is easy to plug the oil into the oil sealing hole, so that the crankshaft and connecting rod without effective lubrication. Long time overload operation. Micro tillage machine in paddy field and hard field work, found the black smoke, must promptly downshift. The above is micro tillage machine use is introduced, to obtain further information welcome to continue to pay attention to this station at the same time, welcome you to choose our micro cultivator.