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Method for cleaning parts of micro tillage cultivator
- Nov 02, 2017 -

   After the use of micro tillage cultivator, there are many components need to be cleaned, so that not only can improve work efficiency, but also can extend the life of the cultivator, then what is the method of cleaning micro tillage cultivator parts? 

    1. First, in order to prevent the alkali solution from producing strong corrosion to the precision parts, the organic solvent is used to remove the oil. Such as kerosene, diesel, gasoline, alcohol, without heating. 

    2, Second, can be used Aluminum Alloy cleaning liquid oil removal. Because alkali solution has a strong corrosive effect on aluminum alloy, and the organic solvent is expensive, the aluminum alloy cleaning liquid can be cleaned when more aluminum alloy parts need to be repaired.     3, Finally, should pay attention to oil removal by alkaline solution. The removal of animal and vegetable oils and mineral oil on the surface of iron and steel parts can be done by adding a small amount of emulsifier into alkaline solution and washing after heating. If the injection pressure, oil removal effect is better. The above is about cleaning the micro tillage machine parts of the method introduced, we provide you with good faith and good products and thoughtful service, package you satisfied. Looking forward to cooperate with you sincerely!