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Method for keeping life of micro tillage machine
- Sep 15, 2017 -

After the farmer friend purchase micro tillage machine, the most concern is how to make micro tillage machine has the longest lifespan, micro farming machine service life depends on the quality of the engine, micro farming machine life includes the following five main points:

The first point is running in: the running in period is very important for the whole process of the micro tillage machine. The running in period is slow and expensive, but it is an important guarantee to extend the length of the micro tillage machine.

The second point is in the initial stage of using farming machine must replace the engine oil, should always check the timely detection of problems, for the "three" so as to make micro farming machine in the use of the first to get good technical support.

The third point is: Net micro farming machine and the whole process requires several parts must be clean, the fuel to clean, if not clean, will accelerate the wear of fine pieces between the gap increases there will be dirt into the formation of oil supply, infarction, lack of smooth, not to effect, lead body wear, impact the length of the use of machinery.

The fourth point is sufficient: the use of micro tillage machine to ensure adequate oil in the machine, full water and enough air. If the supply is insufficient, it will cause the micro tillage machine not easy to start, the starting machine can not function properly, the oil supply is interrupted, and the lubrication between the parts is not good, and so on. It is a fatal damage to the micro cultivator.

The fifth point is strong: the micro cultivator was shaking or unstable in farming, resulting in the loosening of bolts between the various components of the machine, these parts must be carefully checked and found loose parts immediately, to ensure the daily maintenance of the machine in place, increase the service life of micro tillage machine.