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Advantages and disadvantages of two types of micro tillage machines
- Jul 11, 2017 -

Straight drive micro cultivator

The general structure is between the engine and the gearbox directly connected by flange, powered by wet friction clutch or cone friction clutch is passed directly to the gear box, the gear box and the walking box as a whole, the gear box is provided with a main shaft, a countershaft, reverse gear shaft, three shaft. Through the toggle shaft, reverse gear shaft double gear position, can achieve fast slow speeds and reverse gear, and then, through two sets of straight bevel gear reducer, reversing the power output.

1, the advantages of models

Compact structure.

Fast gear, slow gear and reverse gear speed parameter is more reasonable.

Generally, the F178 and F186 air-cooled diesel engines are used as the driving force, and the power itself is of better reliability.

The overall weight of the machine is about 100Kg, and the utility model has the advantages of good tillage effect, high operation efficiency and wide application range.

The most popular best-selling models on the market are accepted by the general customers, and many promotional expenses can be saved if they enter the market.

The model has more advantage in the hard, large plots, shallow water field, regional operation field blisters.

2, lack of models

If the general gasoline engine is used as power, the power is easy to be damaged. If the water cooled diesel engine is used as the power, the weight of the whole machine will be heavier, and the transportation will be difficult. Therefore, this type of machine is generally best choice F178, F186 air-cooled diesel engine as a driving force to match.

The countershaft gear box, reverse gear shaft two shaft is cantilever structure, poor rigidity, gear uneven stress damage.

Because the two groups of straight bevel gears are used to reverse, decelerate and use taper bearings to overcome the axial component force of bevel gears, the chassis parts are more expensive to manufacture.

Belt driven micro cultivator

Micro tillage machine

The engine power is transmitted to the transmission via a belt, and the clutch is powered by a tense belt. The gear box body is mostly an integral structure, the upper part is a speed change part, and the lower part is a power output part, and the power output shaft part and the speed change part are generally driven by chains.

1, the advantages of models

General use of general gasoline engines or small water-cooled diesel engine as power, the whole machine is light weight, convenient transportation.

The manufacturing cost is low.

As a result of belt transmission, it can reduce the impact force of the power mechanism, and has a certain protective effect on the engine.

The model has more advantage in the greenhouse, dry land, paddy field, deep loose small field regional operations, one of the best-selling and most popular on the market.

2, lack of models

If the general gasoline engine power, fuel consumption is high, low income, poor reliability and insufficient power itself, so manufacturers generally choose to remove most of extraoral 6 horsepower small water-cooled diesel engine as power.

Due to the use of belt tension clutch, the belt has been folded back tension, the belt continues to heat, prone to aging, fracture.

The maximum speed of this kind of type output is generally at 150 RPM / min -180 rpm, the output speed is higher, the output torque is small, in the use of the process can easily exceed the maximum output torque of the engine, so the operation of such phenomena often appear the rapid decline of the engine flameout or the engine output speed, greater damage to the engine. Especially, many manufacturers will be widened tilling width and cutter diameter increase, the output speed increased, resulting in frequent power failures, with the general gasoline engine powered micro farming machine in the market sales have been shrinking.

The chain is easy to elongate and fracture because the output is transmitted by chain.