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Multifunctional micro tillage machine, good helper for agricultural development
- Jul 11, 2017 -

With the increasing cost of employing labor force, the peasants urgently need a machine that can replace a large number of labor force to accomplish more farm work. As a new type of agricultural machinery developed by Luoyang Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd., the multi-functional micro tillage machine has helped the broad masses of farmers' friends to help the agricultural development.

In order to keep the best performance of the micro tillage machine, the new micro tillage machine must be running in, and the micro tillage machine in use must be regularly maintained and maintained. In the purchase of new micro tillage machine use is running in stage, the accelerator can not be too large, the engine must be running at medium speed, running 12 hours, while the oil plug, put off state engine crankcase oil release, and then tighten the bolt, the new oil from oil add enough, gear at the same time to replace the gearbox of the oil.

To maintain the micro tillage machine equipment, not only should pay attention to its daily maintenance and maintenance, but also should focus on taking good care of several key components in its normal use.

1 engines. The engine is the power source for the micro cultivator. According to the use of fuel, can be divided into diesel and gasoline engine two major categories.

2. Transmission assembly. The power of the engine by a belt connected to the transmission gearbox assembly through the upper part of the main clutch, clutch gearbox input, the transmission gearbox, through the drive shaft to the walking wheel, so as to promote the micro farming machine walking.

3. Walking wheel. The traveling wheel is mounted on the driving shaft at the lower part of the gear box assembly. The power of the engine is transmitted to the walking wheel by the gear box to drive the micro tillage machine. You can use the road wheel when you walk on the road. In tillage, use tillage wheels.

4, handrails. The armrest rack is a control mechanism of a micro tillage machine, and a main clutch operating lever, a throttle handle, a starting switch, a steering clutch handle, an armrest holder adjusting screw, etc. are arranged on the handrail frame.

5. Tillage machines. Micro tillage machine commonly used tillage tillage machine mainly has the plowshare assembly, nail rake assembly, paddy field, dry land tillage, rotary tillage wheel cutter furrower, resistance rods, according to different purposes, choose suitable tillage machine.