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Operation method of rural management tiller in rotary tillage operation
- Oct 31, 2017 -

    Pastoral management is one of our main products, we have a broad market to the satisfaction of products, pastoral management is agricultural products can be a variety of field operations, the combination of the good is recognized by the farmers, the next Xiaobian to introduce you to the operating method in garden management machine when the rotary tillage. 

    Look at the condition of the soil, and then select the appropriate tillage gear and resistance bar height, when the soil is soft, to choose a quick shift, in order to increase the resistance bar after several times of farming. When the soil is hard, then choose a low gear and a resistance bar down in farming at the same time, increase the downward pressure on the arm, in order to reach a certain depth; to each field unit of work; work to the edge of the handrail beswitching filed and resistance in the back bar. At the same time, push the handrail, the u-turn.