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Operation rules of multifunctional garden management machine
- Sep 27, 2017 -

   1, adjustment method of clutch cable adjustment when the clutch push belt sliding or push due to tight struggle, can through the adjusting mechanism to adjust the clutch cable cable tension. When adjusting, loosen the retaining nut, screw the adjusting nut to the right level, and then tighten the fastening nut. When the clutch is pushed into a belt slip phenomenon, the adjusting mechanism is shortened, and the clutch lever is pushed too tight, so that the regulating mechanism is extended. 

    2, adjusting mechanism of belt tension adjusting clutch cable, should pay attention to the belt tensioning degree, the inspection methods are as follows: when the clutch is closed, the pressure belt middle finger, press about 15CM better. When the distance is too large or too long, the front and rear position of the engine can be adjusted. After the adjustment of the clutch wire and the adjustment of the belt tension, the following requirements shall be reached: when the clutch handle is pushed to [the joint], the belt will not skid when the load is added. When the handle is pushed back, the belt should not rotate with the belt pulley.

    A throttle cable adjustment when the throttle switch is in manipulation, can the degree of tightness of speed adjustment method and actuating cable, clutch cable adjustment, adjustment principle is: the throttle switch handle to [small] position, should make the engine flameout or idling; oil door switch handle to [large] position. The maximum engine throttle opening. Adjust the top, bottom and left of the handle, adjust the height of the operation handle according to the height of the operation, and adjust the left and right position of the handle according to the needs of the operation. Adjusting method: loosen the locking nut at the front of the handle, move the operation handle to the proper position, and then screw the lock nut tightly.