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Operation rules of multifunctional garden management cultivators tiller
- Sep 27, 2017 -

    1, and a diesel engine start shutdown starting switch, open the fuel will be adjusted to handle the starting position to hold the recoil starter handle: A. preparation: pull the starting handle, to feel the pressure, and then slowly put back the handle. B. press the pressure reduction handle to the non compression position by hand. (after the diesel engine starts, the pressure reducing handle will be reset automatically). C. start: hold the recoil start handle with both hands, gently pull the handle to the starting wheel, then pull the rope quickly and start. Note: the cold weather in winter, if the diesel engine is difficult to start, but before starting to remove the cylinder cover on the gas plug, inward add 2 ml of oil. Starting point of diesel engine attached. When the weather is cold in winter, the diesel engine should be preheated for five minutes after starting. The A of the diesel engine is switched off and the speed control handle is pulled to the low speed position. Make the diesel engine run without load for five minutes. B, the speed control handle to the "stop" position, do not use the pressure reducing valve to shut down. C return the fuel switch to the "off" position. Note: after the stop, pull the recoil start handle slowly until the pressure is reached (when the compression is just coming in and the exhaust doors are closed to prevent the cylinder from rusting). A, a gasoline engine starting open switch B, open the throttle switch, close the choke, the solar term door to the proper position, first gently pull starter handle, until resistance is felt to pull the engine starting. C, after the engine starts, first in idle running 1 - 3 minutes, check whether the operation is smooth, there is no noise, and then put the damper to the maximum, adjust the valve opening, in order to achieve the required speed. A gasoline engine shut down the door solar term is adjusted to the appropriate position, so that the engine is in the lowest stable speed switch can be closed.

    2, management machine forward, turn, stop A, Delta will put in the clutch handle forward from the position of the transmission lever; a choice [high] or [low] position; a pull throttle switch handle, slightly improve the speed of the engine; the clutch handle slowly into a [good] position so, management of machines. B the method of pushing the handrail by turning the turn of the management machine. The C / speed shift points the clutch handle at [off] position; delta shifts the shift lever to the desired gear; the clutch handle is lowered into position [position] so that the governor shifts forward. D put the clutch handle on the [off] position and the governor stops functioning. 

    3, a rotary tilling installation component A, in turn will manage the machine around the tire pin hole pin and pin removed, unloading under a tire the rotary knife assembly is mounted to the power output shaft, plug pin and cotter pin, rotary knife assembly and the other side of the installation, the installation direction about don't pay attention to the wrong direction, the direction of rotation of rotary blade to be toward the management machine. B, install the resistance bar, adjust the height of the resistance bar, tighten the fastening bolts. When rotary tillage is used, the rotary tillage is usually carried out at low gear speed, and the tillage depth is related to the depth of the rod into the soil. If the soil is loose sandy soil, in order to improve the working efficiency, can be used for fast gear rotary tillage. Operation of C and rotary tillage operations. According to the soil condition, select the proper tillage gear and the height of the resistance bar. Generally, the soil is soft and the gear is fast. The resistance bar is raised to facilitate the subsequent tillage. The soil is hard to choose a low gear and a resistance bar down, at the same time in farming, to increase the downward pressure on the arm, in order to reach a certain depth; in each field as a unit of a job to the field work; Delta beswitching filed the handrail and drag rod, people in the back and push the armrest, realizing a U-turn; 

    4, a plowing operation on the output shaft wheels for special iron wheels; a dial rod mounting bracket on the resistance pin, remove the drag rod mounting bracket; the mounting bracket is mounted to the Coulter Delta management machine behind the connecting frame, into a large pin, regulation the positioning bolt. Delta were plowing operation, can move the regulating handle to partial tillage plow, plow about adjusting angle, can rotate the hand wheel adjustment, the plough body moves up and down, change the plough angle, in order to change the depth of ploughing.