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Pastoral management
- Nov 30, 2017 -

Our company is a field management machine and other related equipment, the company has the leading international technology, scientific and technological lead, is a field management enterprise. The following small editor for you to introduce the field management machine. The field management machine is the main product of our company. It is specially designed for the orchard, vegetable land, greenhouse, hilly land and small plots.

 Together with the appropriate equipment for power generation, pumping, spraying, spraying, paving, drilling, broken grass roots harvesting complex soil, harvesting, ridging, ridging, open ditch, apply fertilizer, weed control, soil crushing partial moulding operation, stable and reliable work, long service life, convenient maintenance etc.. It will meet the various agronomic needs of different regions, such as hilly, mountain, greenhouse, orchard, paddy field and other different regions. The above is Xiaobian's introduction to the relevant knowledge of the pastoral management machine. Our company has been engaged in the industry for many years and is deeply trusted by customers. You are welcome to choose our products and look forward to your visit. Welcome to inquire, we will do our best to serve you.

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