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Power tiller is mainly used for ground work
- Oct 08, 2017 -

    In this time of mechanization, digging pit has the application of digging machine. This kind of digging machine is mainly used for digging holes in the ground, and we can see it in many places. Digging machine is a kind of silvicultural machinery. The utility model is mainly used for the site preparation of soil preparation before planting trees, and can also be used for digging the pit of the topdressing point or the pit of a buried pile post.

    It is common to use both hand and suspension. The utility model is mainly used for digging holes on the ground, and can be divided into a large digging machine and a small digging machine according to the specifications. Large digging machine, also known as wire pole digging machine, cement rod digging machine, is the most advanced of the national patent "Sea Machinery" produced by multi-functional automatic digging vertical pole, put one line machine. 

    The tractor digging machine generally adopts full hydraulic form, has the advantages of simple operation, pre drill pipe, driving operation integration, using 50 type -90 tractor as power, full power, off-road ability, suitable for the field of large area planting poles laying photovoltaic bracket pile digging work etc.. Tractor digging machine wire rod drilling machine is used, while drilling down by two large tonnage hydraulic cylinder drives the drill drill down into, and greatly improve the work efficiency, the front structure, a person can complete the work. The machinery the exclusive launch of the pole digging machine, the world's leading technology, can be a complete equipment installation in the vertical digging pole pole line, the line automation engineering, greatly improving the work efficiency. The above is the digging machine, mainly for the ground work, digging when you can use this kind of machinery, I believe that we work in the use of digging machine, you can do a good job.