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Preparation of micro tillage machine before operation
- Oct 18, 2017 -

    Micro tillage machine before the operation to do the following aspects of the preparatory work:

    One, check the engine oil will be placed on the horizontal position of the engine oil rule and wipe out the oil film, and then into the oil dipstick hole, then remove the oil foot to observe the oil level, gasoline engine oil to the oil hole neck, diesel engine oil should be the middle part to the oil foot, gasoline engine and diesel engine can not be exchanged or mixed use, if the diesel oil gasoline engine, gasoline engine will make the cremation plug serious carbon deposit and wouldn't start, if the oil of diesel engine, the diesel engine connecting rod will quickly wear tile and other moving parts, resulting in diesel engine damage. Most users do not see the right to check the oil dipstick, easy mistake is the oil foot from the machine after the removal of no clean look, this watch is mistaken for the oil a lot, and sometimes even have no oil, it will cause damage to the engine burning tile. The new micro tillage machine first add enough oil, machine running 20 hours after the oil discharge, and then add new oil, the purpose is to wear down the residual impurities and metal powder inside the machine wash machine, wear-resistant, durable, while the machine is hot put old oil, because of this moment oil and impurities are mixed, and the concentration is low, easy to be put in the net impurity. 

    Two, triangle belt tightness adjustment triangle belt is on the lower belt by hand gently hold appropriate, too loose or too tight to adjust method is: release the engine 4 mounting bolts, if gasoline engine, in addition to loosen the bolt, it should the connecting plate is fixed bolt loosening engine and transmission box, forward or backward moving engine, the triangle belt tightness meet the above requirements, the corresponding bolt tightening. 

    Three hand frame height adjustment to the operator feel the appropriate level as the standard, the engine is generally in a horizontal position, with a high waist arm high appropriate adjustment method is to adjust the bolts to remove the handrail, handrail height change operation, and then adjust the bolt into the hole of the corresponding adjustment and nut. 

    Four, depth adjustment rod pin out resistance, resistance to change on the connecting rod hole, can adjust the tillage depth, penetration resistance above the hole pin rod, rod resistance decreased, tillage depth increases, the penetration of pin hole, the resistance bar rises, tillage depth decreases. Some machines use bolts to adjust the height of the resistance bar. When adjusting, loosen the bolt first, adjust the resistance bar to the required position, and then tighten the bolt. Five, choose matching machine, according to the soil conditions, select the appropriate equipment winter paddy field selection of paddy wheel, the rotary blade (if the dry farming in the weeds and deep, should choose the type, mowing machine) dryland paddy field, the first time with a rotary blade or composite knife, second with the times of paddy wheel, joint tillage machine and micro cultivator power output shaft must be safe and reliable (wear pin and elastic pin). Special attention should be paid to the difference between installation and installation.