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Proper parking of micro cultivator
- Sep 12, 2017 -

Micro tillage machine use of seasonal slack period, often parked up more than half a year, if the parking method is improper, it will damage (for example: the valve is not tightly closed may cause valve and cylinder rust etc.). Micro tillage machine long-term parking, in the last time after use, while it is hot to drain the old oil in the diesel engine, the injection of new oil, remove the cylinder cover on the gas plug, add about 2 ml of oil, press the starting handle to pull recoil starter rope 5-6 times (generally do not need to diesel engine starting), then release the decompression handle, starting slowly pull the rope, until you feel a greater resistance. Drain the diesel oil in the fuel tank of the diesel engine (leave a little). Then release the walking speed of the oil in the box, Atlas injected new oil, finally remove oil, dirt and weeds micro tillage machine tool and so on, the machine stored in ventilated and dry place and not to be exposed to the sun and rain.