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Reasons for the lagging development of micro tillage machines
- Oct 18, 2017 -

    Since the introduction of micro tillage machine, after decades of unremitting efforts, it has a very large scale, and has a variety of complete product series, can better meet the requirements of agricultural production and users. However, due to some unfavorable factors, there are still some problems in our country, such as weak research foundation, backward technology and product development. 

    The expert thinks, our country compared with the developed countries in the farming machinery technology and product level there is a big gap, at least 20 years related technical backwardness, the majority of products 20-30 years behind, and this gap is still widening. The main reason for the widening gap is the lack of funds and weak R & D capability. A few years ago when the development of Agricultural Mechanization in the low tide period, some agricultural colleges and University of science and technology in agricultural departments have been downsizing and steering, making this position adhere to agricultural R & D personnel less, resulting in Agricultural Research on application technology of weak foundation. 

    At the same time, the national agricultural research units due to constraints lack of funds and talents is also difficult to make a difference; agricultural enterprises especially farming machinery enterprises because of small scale, low profits, most do not have the ability to develop independently. As a result, research on basic and key technologies has been weakened; research on prospective technology and generic technology has lost its foundation; research and development of new products and new technologies lags behind. However, the lag of new farming technology and tillage methods, as well as the development of agricultural machinery technology and product development, has directly affected the popularization of new agricultural technology.