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Safe operation technique of ditching machine cultivator
- Sep 16, 2017 -

China saying: "spring has refused to busy, hungry face yellow in autumn." Now it is spring around the busy season, farmers busy season spring ditching machine is essential, but farmers in the process of using injuries which is not standardized It is often seen., resulting from the operation of farmers. So, what are the unsafe operations during the big use? 

First, in the operation, before use, must be familiar with the instructions, in strict accordance with the instructions of the maintenance requirements, then must undergo operation training to work.

Two, check the machine before the operation of the fasteners are fastened, remember to tighten the bolts.

Three, the head, body placed in a horizontal position, check whether to add sufficient oil and gear oil, can not be more or less; check the "no oil leakage" phenomenon, you can use. Also remember that the fuel tank cannot be filled with gasoline and 0# diesel must be added.


Four, before use should be at the bottom of the air filter and 1cc oil, while drunk do not operate the ditching machine, the new machine allowed large load operation, the field transfer should change the tire, especially the slope operations should be to prevent the dumping of injuries of ditching machine. 

Five, start, we must confirm that no one around, the security can be started behind, so as not to hurt people. When the winter engine is not working well, boil the kettle, boil water, or stick to the combustion chamber. 05 - 1CC oil can start normally.


Six, the operation process of intermediate substitutions, talk to people, remove weeds, winding tool holder, do not clutch in the case of stalls clutch, must be confirmed in the neutral, the machine does not advance or flameout when carried out. 

Seven, ditching machine on the knife rack, do not walk on the cement road, stone ground, in the work should try to avoid and big stones and other hard objects collision, lest damage blade. When the engine or running case and the pressure box are abnormal, the engine should be checked and checked before troubleshooting.

Eight, the operator in the operation if back to the threshold of less than 1 meters, the prohibition of the use of reverse.

Nine, the new engine in the normal operation of 20 acres of land, the engine must change the oil and gear oil cooler, otherwise cannot discharge residual oil in the body of 80 - 100 after the replacement of second acres; continuous operation 3 - 5 days to clean air filter, 400 - 700 acres of oil pump and nozzle pressure check check and adjust the valve clearance, if necessary, replace the piston rings, valve and connecting rod.

Ten, after the completion of each operation, should pay attention to clear the ditching machine of the soil, weed oil and other attachments, and each check fastening bolts fastening, and find the film or other cover, to prevent the sun and rain rust. Greenhouse rolling curtain