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Safety precautions for micro tillage machines cultivator
- Sep 16, 2017 -

Now is the season of spring production around the key, but also micro farming machine is pumped into the agricultural production in the busiest season, for the majority of micro tillage machine operation personnel in the proper use of micro tillage machine, reduce labor intensity, improve production efficiency, avoid safety accidents in the micro farming machine in the process of using, personal injury and property loss, remind we pay attention to the following matters.

1. Read the instructions carefully. Before operation, it is necessary to read the instruction manual carefully, carry out the debugging, maintenance and running in strict accordance with the requirements of the instruction manual, and participate in necessary training and training of operation skills.                                                      2, carefully check before work. Check the machine each connecting fastener is fastened, must tighten bolts, including walking box and engine support connection parts, engine muffler and air filter and other tools, connection is strong, whether the installation is correct. Check whether the oil is full. Check whether the gearbox is full of gear oil, whether the engine with oil, whether there is oil leakage in Tongchuan, in strict accordance with the instructions on the fuel filling. Check the air cleaner for oil at the bottom. The air filter should be kept at 1cm high on the bottom and be careful to clean, replace and keep clean in time.                    3, start. When starting, the gear lever should be placed in neutral position, and it can be confirmed that the front and rear left and right sides are in safe position before starting, and the new machines do not work heavily.

4, field transfer, slope operations should prevent micro tillage machines dumping wounding.

5, the transfer should be considered to determine whether the field road, need to remove the tools, replacement of tires.

6, the replacement of farm tools, remove the grass must be in the state of the machine flameout.

7, the operation, such as the discovery of the engine, walking box, gearbox abnormal sound, should be rapid stop inspection, troubleshooting can work.

8, work in process, if in the back to the pit, the wall distance is less than 1 meters, the prohibition of the use of reverse gear, in case of emergency. Prohibit drunk operation micro tillage machine.

9, in strict accordance with the specifications of the requirements of debugging, maintenance, timely replacement of oil and gear oil.

10, after the completion of quarterly operations, timely removal of dirt and weeds and oil, etc., check the fastening bolts, filling oil, parked in ventilated dry farm implements, to prevent the machine due to explosion, sun, rain and rust.