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Small micro tillage machines play a huge role
- Jul 11, 2017 -

What is the role of micro tillage machine? Now in order to make full use of land resources, a lot of people grow vegetables interplanting, etc. in the orchard, the area is small, large land tractor (rotary rake) to go in, then highlights the role of micro tillage machine.

As we all know, the micro tillage machine is very popular for some orchards and vegetable fields, and the use of micro tillage machines can greatly facilitate the cultivation of small plots of crop cultivation sites.

Micro tillage machine is usually used as a small diesel engine driven transmission gear transmission is popular, but micro tillage machine has compact structure, no spare parts, each part is just perfect micro farming machine has the advantages of small volume, easy to operate.

Not only that, micro farming machine in the maintenance is relatively simple, the overall examination basically can determine which parts there is a problem, then according to the situation to determine the maintenance or replacement, then micro tillage machine can immediately put into use. After use, the work remains stable and reliable. Therefore, the micro tillage machine is the primary choice for many farmers