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Structure of micro tillage tiller
- Oct 23, 2017 -

    Micro tillage machine is one of our main products, micro farming machine is representative of the product of small agricultural machinery, can carry out various operations, a variety of terrain has the advantages of convenient use, reasonable structure, we introduce the structure of micro tillage machine. Micro tillage machine structure comprises a frame, a height adjustable armrest frame is provided with a diesel or gasoline engine, and the driving wheel and farming tools. Together with the appropriate equipment for power generation, pumping, spraying, spraying, harvesting, ridging, film mulching, drilling, broken grass roots harvesting complex soil, soil, open ditch, apply fertilizer, weed control, soil crushing partial soil buried in vines and other operations, can also pull trailers for short distance transport.


    The micro tillage machine takes small diesel engine or gasoline engine as the power, and uses the integral variable speed gear box or belt clutch as the transmission. Micro tillage machine is small in size and light in weight, so it is especially suitable for use in orchards and vegetable greenhouses. The machines are flexible enough to operate freely in orchards and vegetable sheds. This is our for micro tillage machine structure to introduce, if you need to purchase such products, welcome to our company, we will provide high quality products for you.