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The advantages of furrowing machine
- Nov 22, 2017 -

We are a specialized business furrowing machine company, the outstanding product is the cause of a guarantee of success with our excellent products to develop its own market advantages, the next Xiaobian for you to explain the furrowing machine. 1, ginger, garlic, taro, potatoes and other root crops, ditching ridging stem earth, soil, pesticide has a unique function. 2, flexible operation, can be adjusted on the left, can be rotated 360 degrees. 3, with six axle output durable. 4, the gearbox used in all gear box material thickness, and the two sides with 5MM thick reinforced plywood, the gear box is not easy deformation, the gear is not easy to damage, sturdy and durable. This is the knowledge of furrowing machine, small series can hope to explain to you in life help. For your service is my glory, let us work together for a better life Work hard. We will be the best partner with you