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The characteristics of furrowing machine
- Nov 18, 2017 -

We are a specialized furrowing machine company, we through years of hard work, won a market of their own, and strive to serve more customers. The following is for you to explain the characteristics of furrowing machine. Furrowing machine, is dedicated to the orchard and vegetable greenhouse in a hilly and small (water, dry) agricultural products and design work. And more, the ladder climbing ridge.


Widely used in plain, mountain area, hilly dry land, paddy field, orchard, vegetable, tobacco fields of deep tillage, shallow tillage, plough with corresponding equipment can be pumped power generation spraying spraying, harvesting, ridging, film mulching, drilling, broken grass roots harvesting complex soil, soil, open ditch, apply fertilizer, weed control, soil crushing partial soil buried in vines and other operations, but also for short distance transport trailer, is big 

Multifunctional pastoral management and medium-sized farm machinery can match, stable and reliable work, long service life and convenient maintenance. Using the above explanation I hope you love, welcome you to pay attention to our website and our products, we are willing to serve you faithfully, and hopes to become a long-term partner with you, let us together for tomorrow hard.