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The important points need pay attention to using the furrowing cultivator
- Nov 02, 2017 -

Furrowing cultivator is suitable for 37, grapes, sugar, ginger, potatoes, tobacco and other crops furrowing, also applies to the hard soil ditching, ridging operation! The next item is to introduce the use of greenhouse furrowing machine needs attention. 

1, Not allow cold cars start, immediately heavy load work, especially the new machine or overhaul of the machine. 

2, Pay attention to check the diesel engine and gearbox oil surface, when insufficient, immediately add oil. 

3. Always clean the filter and change the oil. 

4, Tillage should prevent micro tillage machine dumping, so as not to scratch the plastic paper of greenhouse. 

5. No tillage machine with rotary blade is allowed to drive on sand or gravel so as not to damage the blade. 

6, The use of tillage, attention should be paid to remove the soil on the micro tillage machine, weeds attachment, keep the whole machine clean. 

7. Forbid to cool the diesel engine by watering. The matters above is shed furrowing machine need to pay attention to the introduction of the furrowing machine is not only practical, but also farmers to improve work efficiency and save work time, so by the majority of farmers and friends of the trust, if you also need furrowing machine can directly contact us by telephone.