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The preparatory work before the use of the garden management tiller
- Nov 06, 2017 -

The rise of agricultural technology for our ancient agricultural country coruscate new vitality in the new policy and technical support, farmers spurn the original greenhouse, livestock work mode, to usher in a new agricultural machinery. Especially 51 just over, most of the northern region began plowing, in order to make pastoral management play a greater efficiency in use, the following small simply explain the pastoral management using the preparatory work before. 

1, Can not let the garden management tiller engine running at high speed, so as not to exceed the load range. 

2, The first running should be preheated for about five minutes. 

3. Keep the low speed and small load before the engine is hot. 

4, After running, take advantage of hot oil change. Many people believe that running in is not too important, but in fact, otherwise, only the preparation work, do enough to play a greater mechanical effect, otherwise it will lose the original intention of buying agricultural machinery.