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The three major points to purchase the agriculture power tillers for famer
- Oct 13, 2017 -

   Agricultural power tiller as the main force of spring plowing work, its quality is directly related to the smooth progress of the work of spring plowing. Therefore, the agricultural power tiller must be cautious when purchasing, the following three points should bear in mind.

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    First, remember not to blindly follow the trend, eye ground, Tuiqin mouth. Most farmers do not have the professional knowledge of agricultural power tiller, which requires before deciding to go to understand, have asked the agricultural machinery, the use of products and spare parts supply, customer service , can also go to the local agricultural sector to consult for the purchase of agricultural products are machine without government agricultural subsidies, to different vendors where consultation, decided to fully based on the comparison. According to the actual situation, select the micro tillage machine model to meet the needs, not to buy too much horsepower micro tillage machine, to avoid excessive waste of equipment. Don't worship, whether domestic or imported agricultural machinery, quality is reliable, the purchase of imported agricultural power tiller should choose a large manufacturer of famous products.


    Two, not just for cheap, to price, quality and after-sales service considerations. Purchase agricultural power tiller should be careful inspection, clear demand, goods than three. Never rely on some advertising and some one-sided speech yearmuddleheaded to pay. The purchase must ask for instructions to the dealer, "three" documents, purchase invoices, certificates and other related documents, do not think that they buy from home, no reimbursement, no matter what the goods arrived, so frivolous, will lay hidden. Three, buy agricultural cautious cautious in order to avoid the micro farming machine accident after owner and driver to bear a heavy economic burden, registered in the tractor before boarding, the owner must be insured tractor traffic accident liability insurance.


    There agricultural power tiller drivers after the accident, personnel should immediately stop operation, protect the scene, mark, trying to rescue the injured and property, and promptly report to the local agricultural sector, there are casualties, but also to the accident report to the public security organs.