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The use and operation of cultivators
- Sep 25, 2017 -

    Check the lubricant, diesel, cooling water and transmission lubricant as required by the instructions before use and start up.

1. Check whether the tire pressure is up to standard. 

2, check the main parts of the bolts are fastened (focus on inspection frame, traction frame and gear box, driving wheel and other parts of the connecting bolts). 

3. Put the clutch brake in the "off" position, the gear lever in neutral position, the throttle handle at the "start" position, and the throttle switch on the "open" position. 

4 、 reduce pressure and shake the car, start the diesel engine according to the engine manual.


5, start

(1) check the left and right steering gear is engaged (reliability test method: does not hold the steering handle, swinging arm, when the micro tillage machine can not rotate when the steering wheel sleeve has said meshing engagement) 

(2) start the engine, clutch, the gear lever in the the stalls. 

(3) the throttle (no load can also use a small throttle), slowly and steadily relax clutch brake hand, to "close" position, micro farming machine is started. 

(4) after the clutch is combined, it should start at a slow speed, then start quickly after the combination, and reduce the slipping and wearing of the clutch.

7, gear selection and transformation 

(1) micro tillage machine in the field of farming, at most choose I file and II file work, otherwise it will cause overload, thus affecting the use of micro tillage machine life.

(2) when the micro tillage machine needs to change the high gear, it must first separate the clutch, then stir the gear lever, and then hang the required gear.

(3) from low gear to transform high speed, should increase the throttle to increase the speed of the line after the shift, the upshift into low speed, it should reduce the throttle to reduce speed after the shift, so that not only smooth, but also avoid the damaged gear. 

8, to reduce the throttle 

(1)  on the road and a small slope, pulled his left hand, tiller left: pull your right hand, micro farming machine to the right. 

(3) when a steep slope is reversed, the steering operation is reversed. Pull the left hand, micro tillage machine to the right: pull the right hand, micro tillage machine to the left. 

9, the reverse will clutch brake hand 17 put in "off" position, the gear lever in the reverse gear 18 position, and then slowly and steadily put down clutch brake hand to the "combination" position, both can make the micro tillage machine back. Easy to use the small throttle at this time. 

10, parking and parking brake 

(1) will hand clutch brake placed in the "off" position, the shift lever on the high-end position, gradually reduce the throttle 3, can achieve the parking. After parking the clutch brake handle 15 back to the "close" position, the winter long time parking must be placed as cooling water, outdoor storage, to cover the exhaust pipe, to prevent rain water; summer noon to cover the triangle belt, to prevent deformation, aging. 

(2) when the plough is not stopped, the clutch lever 17 is placed in the "brake" position. 

(3) single brake braking, off a small throttle 3, quickly clutch brake lever handle 17 is placed in the "brake" position; with the trailer, the trailer brake should be used, prohibit the use of brake chassis. Generally do not stop on the ramp, you must stop on the ramp, gear stalls, tires, mats, such as triangle wood. 

11, under the special conditions of driving 

(1) cross slope tillage low speed, proper and wide track, and try not to make a turn to the uphill direction.

(2) night work during the day advance about the farming income area, be aware of, and have a good light, at the same time, the driver should have enough sleep. 

(3) through the ditches should slow sideways, as must be straight through, and should be under the ditch, can not be charged. 

12, generally use a lighter load, but in the weeding operations and the second operations can be used in paddy field rotary gear, to improve productivity. During the operation, to keep the weeds in the Coulter wound on too much, otherwise it will increase the power consumption and wear parts micro tillage machine, be throttled when weeding. The clutch handle on the "off" position, and the rotary separation claw spin out to a state of separation, and then pull out the weeds with hook.